Our story

The name Reigers is both a dedication to the charms of Amsterdam and to the heron’s survival spirit. With Reigers we aim to contribute to Amsterdam’s drinking culture by making a genuine vodka. Our working ethos is very similar to that of the heron: survival of the fittest by keeping it simple and honest.

Over the years, the heron has become an important part of Amsterdam’s city image. Living in a big city is all about survival: if you are not the best someone else will win. Herons have played the game of survival incredibly well by focussing on pure business. As a result, they are the example of an animal species that has been able to adopt perfectly to Amsterdam’s city life.

The founders of Reigers are four born Amsterdammers, who, just like the heron, love Amsterdam for what it has to offer. However, the four of us were fed up with the majority of mix-drinks Amsterdam provides, which are usually overly sweet. Therefore, we created a ginger vodka that already has enough taste by itself. Rooie is a drink like no other: tasty and drinkable without any unnecessary sweeteners.



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